The 15 Most Incredible Bike Trails in the U.S.

Been clipped into a spin bike all winter? Now’s the perfect time to cut loose. It’s National Bike Month, and while we like to honor the sport all year-round, we’re feeling more psyched than ever to shred the gnar (that’s mountain bike speak for going big). If you’re new to the trails — or have been sticking to the same routes for years — get ready for some epic new adventures. After catching up with dedicated riders, weeding through countless online reviews, and even tackling several of these routes ourselves, we rounded up some of the coolest, most breathtaking, make-you-love-life bike trails in the country. So find the one that suits you (listed alphabetically by state), and get out there for a fun, unforgettable ride!

1. Little Pan Loop, Black Canyon Trail

Location: New River, AZ

Distance: 24 miles (round-trip)

Terrain: Mountain

Level: Intermediate

Referred to as the lollipop loop, this trail isn’t just famous for its cotton candy blue skies. Riders will also catch a few striking glimpses of the Agua Fria River. This particular path is many bikers’ favorite portion of the Black Canyon National Recreation Trail, a 78-mile track, thanks to a superb trail design that provides a mash-up of some exciting climbs, rugged terrain and fabulous views of the desert.

When to Go: January through March, November/December

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