Hit the Trails: 7 Best Mountain Biking Camps

1. Snowmass, Colorado

Trail location: Snowmass Bike Park

As soon as the snow melts, this mountain village near Aspen, CO transforms into a two-wheeled oasis. With maintained trails, chair lifts offering direct-to-trail access, pro instructors, and over 80 miles of track, it’s one of the best hubs for bikers of all abilities. If you’re in town June 24-25, sign up for a biking clinic at Snowmass Demo Days to learn from some of the best riders in the world and try out the season’s hottest bikes yourself.

If not, you can reserve a spot in a three-hour Park Ready Downhill Bike Clinic ($49). Not only will you get a bike to rent, but you’ll also receive a helmet, safety pads, and mountain biking-specific shoes. They’ll teach you the ABCs — Action Stance, Braking and Cornering — on Snowman’s mountain bike skills park. Then you’ll head onto the single-track trails (meaning nobody will be riding in the other direction) surrounding Snowmass Village.

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