9 Great American Mountain Biking Trails

From easy, flowy routes to steep singletrack, these are the trails that belong on your bucket list

Know what you need more of in your summer? Mountain biking. So, here are ten of our favorite mountain biking trails.

1. South Boundary, Taos, New Mexico

Distance: 20.8 miles
Technical Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Endurance: 5 out of 10 (more without a shuttle)

This mountain epic plunges from open-meadow, elk country at 10,700 feet in the Sangre de Cristo range of Northeastern New Mexico down to the scrub oaks and piñon pines some 3,500 feet below in Taos. The majority of the riding is on tight, loamy, root-filled single track through dark timbers and stands of light-post size aspens, though the last five miles is a precipitous, rocky plunge on loose red rock.

Logistics: If you ride it as a shuttle, the most popular option, the day starts with a sharp, two-mile climb from the Angel Fire valley. Really Fun Adventures, in Taos, offers shuttle services.

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