6 Of The Most Exotic Mountain Biking Destinations In The World

The days of cold snow and chairlifts are gone and it’s about time we start celebrating sore saddles and brown pow. But what would summer be without some travel mixed into our adventures?

In particular mountain biking is an underrated reason to travel. Below we’ve compiled some of the most exotic locales on the planet for anyone who wants their summer journey to include a plane ticket, two wheels, and a helmet.

1. Corsica, France

Located almost smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean, the French territory of Corsica offers spectacular seaside views, some burly single-track, and who would have thought– 5,500+ foot peaks as well. Extremely long out-and-back’s on cross-country tracks is the name of the game here. Between rides, history buffs and foodies will appreciate the hodgepodge of Italian and French culture that pervades the island.

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