6 Of The Best Mountain Biking Trails In San Diego

The San Diego hills are packed with sweet single-track mountain bike trails slicing through our county. There’s nearly countless paths, with all different types of tricky terrain. For those willing to get off the couch (you should), magic awaits.

Also, no matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert rider — there’s something for everyone.

The following are a few San Diego mountain biking trail options for you to beat the crowds and find environments you didn’t know existed. Be sure to click the links for maps before you get out and explore.

Grab a trail map from the links below and get outside San Diego – you’ll be happy you did!

1) Balboa Park —Easy

This 4.5 mile loop requires some effort but comes with great views. There’s plenty of ‘out’ options– ways to explore alternate areas of the park. This place is a perfect start for those looking to get comfortable off-road.

With multiple harder paths to keep advanced riders interested, you can go in a group and everyone will have fun!

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