5 Must-Ride Mountain Bike Trails in France

Want to mountain bike in France but not sure where to go? France is blessed with some of the best trails in the world, with something on offer for beginners through to experienced riders. We’ve pinpointed a few long-distance trails for hard-core riders, plus some good bases that offer lots for riders of all abilities.

1. Grande Traversée du Jura

Distance: 380km
Time: 7-10 days
Start: Maudeure near Montbeliard, Doubs
Finish: Haupteville-Lompnes

Biking in the cool green pine forests of the Jura mountains is a Zen-like experience. Following a dedicated and extremely well-signposted route the Grande Traversée du Jura allows for relaxed non-stop cycling. Out of the trees, the Grande Traversée du Jura crosses meadows and flirts with the edge of high limestone crests.

In the northern section, the route is more technically difficult as it climbs out of one valley into another and skirts the Doubs gorge. Further south it is smoother and flatter and regarded as ideal for beginners. There are some excellent sections of single track in the Lajoux area.

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