2. Rodalben, Germany

Tired of bike trails that are actually double-wide roads with ATV and truck access that feel like an afterthought for mountain biking trips? Rodalben, an otherwise small town, is surrounded with bike trails that are primarily single-track and perfect for those looking for a more intimate, small-trail experience.

Don’t be fooled by the town’s size, though, as the Rodalben F Trail clocks in at around 40 kilometers and is one of the most often suggested trails to ride in Germany. This trail goes right through the forest, so be careful not to run into any hikers — and due to it’s length make sure you prepare yourself physically before tackling it.

However, difficult as it might be, this particular trail is well marked, making it hard to get lost. Another one of its advantages is that the trails branch into several areas of interest, one of which will take you to town, so you can take a rest if the trail wears you down.

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