11 Top Mountain Biking Spots in Texas

Texas might not be known for mountain biking, however the state has many great spots perfect for mountain bikers of all skill levels. From flat, enjoyable terrain to more challenging trails, the Texas landscape offers more to bikers than you might think. Enjoy some of the best scenery in Texas while biking through these 11 mountain biking spots in the Lone Star State.

1. Palo Duro Canyon

Palo Duro Canyon is already a well known spot for outdoor recreation, and mountain biking is no different. The trails here vary from easy to intense. You can even choose to ride the 15-mile Palo Duro Canyon Cruise, which is along a paved road. However if you’re truly seeking a backcountry experience, hit up the 26 miles of singletrack trails that wind through this scenic canyon landscape. From simply dirt paths to more extreme terrain like drop offs, switchbacks and challenging climbs, Palo Duro Canyon has become a hotspot for mountain bikers of all skill levels.

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