10 Most Terrifying Haunted Mountain Bike Trails in California

When looking for the best mountain bike trails in California, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the element of terrifying fear. These trails offer more than exhilarating slopes and difficult terrain to test your mettle. Try running or riding for your life when you come across the evil that lurks at these locations.

Whether it be strange creatures, creepy spirits or ghastly witches – the paranormal activity going on is extreme. Not many have come face to face with these horrifying entities and anomalies without seriously questioning their own sanity. Think you’ve got what it takes to conquer these terrifying trails?

10) Viper Trail, Whitney Canyon Park – Santa Clarita

Even though it’s thought of as one of the most fun mountain biking trails, a few locals say that it’s better to steer clear of the Viper trail – which has nothing to do with snakes. It’s believed to be haunted by Native American skinwalkers who are still angry over their land being taken over by the pilgrims.

One ultralight backpacker reports that he was riding along having a wonderful time until he felt an excruciating pain across the top of his head. His friends thought he was crazy because he told them that he could hear chanting and drums, but it took a long time for the pain to go away. He believed that he was “spiritually” scalped at the time.

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